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Shooting with TMC Productions

TMC Productions makes affordable content with our own in-house studio, kitchen and production and postproduction team creating high quality, on-demand content at lower cost

The demand for lightweight video content like Instagram videos, how-to’s, tasty’s and videos for digital advertising has never been greater. Our full-service production answers these needs – all the way through post.

Heading this up is Peter Corbett, the co-founder and EP of Too Many Cooks as well as the founder of famed award-winning studio Click 3X, ClickFire Media and numerous other companies in production, postproduction and digital.

A Video-First Future

While TMC productions most often include both stills and video, we are committed to a video-first future. That’s why we have purpose-built our studios to create videos using a wide range of sophisticated techniques that were previously unaffordable. These same capabilities can be brought to any location or studio in the US.

Shooting with TMC

Fully equipped studios with natural light on 29th Street in collaboration with photographer/DP Marshall Troy (link to video that pops up). We also have access to studios in many other locations throughout the US.

We work with some of the great food/tabletop photographer/DP’s: Marshall Troy, Charlie Bennet, Evi Ebeler, Joe Holdsworth, Ralph Smith, Ron Hamilton, Francine Zaslow

Motion Control Real-time 5-axis MoCon that adds an extra dimension to live action, stop motion and time lapse.

High-res digital cinema camera delivering 4.6K RAW for maximum color-correct flexibility at shooting speeds up to 300fps . High speed cinematography is now a viable option for social media video.

Our Studio Equipment

Partnership with Bonfire

Our postproduction combines our in-house capability with our partnership with Bonfire, delivering sophisticated complete postproduction from retouching, editing to color, motion graphics, animation and CGI.


Retouching – Stills and Video

A group of skilled image retouchers ensures that all our stills assignments are delivered with care and ready for posting. Video retouching requires an entirely different skillset and often requires sophisticated software like Flame and Nuke

Creative editorial

We bring our editor onto the shoot so we can begin editorial decision-making and shot selection right there on set.


Using DaVinci Resolve along with precision-calibrated monitors, we have built a work flow from RAW camera footage through finish

Design, Motion Graphics & Animation 

AfterFX, traditional drawn and stop motion animation – a compelling way to drive likes and shares

VFX, Compositing & CGI

With Sophisticated VFX post tools , we can bring any dream to life. A focus is on invisible effects and photo-real CGI including computer-generated liquid simulations

Get In Touch

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Contact: Peter Corbett
TMC Productions
231 W29th St, Suite #908
NYC 10001

(212) 547-8841