Amaro Montenegro & Select Spritz

Too Many Cooks, working with branding agency Spring Design Partners created social media assets for 2 of their brands Their flagship brand Amaro Montenegro and Select Spritz.

These 2 brands needed a radically different approach, although the basic deliverables for each – 25>35 social media assets that could be used over a year – was the same.

For Amaro Montenegro we carefully translated their brand identity of rich mixologist-driven series of 16 signature drinks. The TMC team located 2 bars we could shoot in on each of 2 days. This provided us with a wide range of backgrounds and scenarios, which we supplemented, with a vast array of unique props and glassware. 2 mixologists created the recipes and signature drinks in a dark rich bar setting.

For Select Spritz the photos focused on a single drink, but in a sun-saturated outdoor setting. We were able to secure renowned fashion photographer Tom Corbett for a one-day shoot in Miami complete with cast fashion models, where we managed to capture over 30 scenarios.

We also separately photographed BTS images to give the client a rich variety of license-free images to populate their Instagram and Facebook channels