Insights & Strategy

Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting

Led by Dan Scofield, we make strategic creative simple. With over 15-years’ experience, Dan has worked with numerous brands to develop creative content through effective strategy. He has managed client relations, brand content strategies, and content development and distribution for nationwide brands including: Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Charles Schwab. Utilizing cutting-edge tools, he knows how to strategically promote brands using inspiration and influence in order to attract a target audience.

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Industry & Trend Analysis Reporting

A look to better understand the evolving industry landscapes and trends.

  • Identify motivations and behaviors that influence buying behavior
  • Uncover granular insights into the consumer’s path to purchase
  • Understand key shifts within an industry over time to capitalize on market opportunities

Brand Health Monitoring & Analysis

Monitoring brand’s health, reporting on:

  • The negative and positive opinions about your brand
  • The audience Interests, affinities and demographics
  • The primary drivers of conversations influencing brand perception
  • The fluctuations in brand health and identify potential crises

Audience Analysis Reporting

We’ll help identify and understand the interests and preferences of any audience.

  • Uncover granular insights and demographic profiles to improve segmentation
  • Understand emerging consumer trends and behaviors
  • Identify new audiences and markets
  • Engage more effectively with communities and influencers

Campaign Monitoring & Analysis

We’ll analyze campaign performance and consumer response to better understand how a campaign impacted consumer perception of your brand.

  • Measure the success of a brand’s campaign to improve ROI
  • Track campaign conversation and engagement for incremental opportunities
  • Identify flashpoints or potential crises with the campaign

Competitive Analysis Reporting

We’ll discover the perception, audience, and activities of your competitors.

  • Identify consumer opinions about strengths and weaknesses of competitive offerings
  • Understand share of voice across different audience groups and compare to competitors
  • Identify new entrants in the marketplace